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How To Set it up 

Please Follow this steps to setup Usermanager.


Download and Installation

To Download the extension, click on Get Extension Button from the website menu/navbar, and install it by importing it through mobirise extension import.



After the importation and installation of the extension, Mobirise will reload to include the install Usermanager. Open the block tab and look for tab name User manager and click on it, and you will be navigated to the Usermanager block which is one in number, sample image is shown below. Drag and drop the Usermanager block to your page, .



After draging and droping of the usermanager block from step two, now use the cog/setting to select the form you want to place on the page. Repeat the block on three diffrent pages to create the login.htmlsignup.html and reset_password.html.
From the cog setting, you can setup your website to use either the email field or username field to login.


Publish and setup

When you have configured the usermanager block and done with all the web work on mobirise application, publish your website to an enabled PHP Server, now setup the extension backend on your server by accessing it this way, let's assume that your domain name is , you can activate the backend by accessing
if you get a success response, congratulations! you now have your usermanger system setup, Now your users can signup,login and reset there password.
 But if you get an error response, then your backend setup has an issue. which you can contact me for assistant.
Note: warning response means that you have already activated the backend before and was trying to activate it again.


How To


UserManager formally 3-in-one form is a Mobirise 3rd party extension developed by Mr Singa4real, to enable mobirise users integrate a complete management system namely: login,signup and reset password on their website.

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